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Prof. Liselotte Mettler Prof. Liselotte Mettler

Hands-On Fellowship in ART and Hysteroscopy

3 Days
20 Doctors
27 - 29 Aug 2022

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Lectures: 30+ Lectures
Duration: 3 Days
Skill Level: Beginner
Language: English
Past Students: 900+
Certificate: UKSH

Hands-On Fellowship in ART and Hysteroscopy

About the course

Fully packed 3-day Hands-On Fellowship in ART and Hysteroscopy which will help you learn the procedure involved in the field of IVF & ART with live hands-on experience in collaboration with Universitätsklinikum Schleswig Holstein, Kiel – Germany (UKSH).

Course Details

Date: 27 – 29 Aug 2022
Venue: Pune, India
Course Fee: $2500 -/

Hands-on training

  • Hands-on CPU
  • Hands-on semen washing
  • Hands-on IUI procedure
  • Hysteroscopy Hands-on
  • Hysteroscopic PRP observation
  • Live Demo of Hycosy procedure
  • Hands-on Denudation of Oocytes
  • Live Demo of Freezing Vitrification
  • Live Demo and tips and tricks of ICSI
  • TESA PESA TESE Microtese demonstration
  • DNA Fragmentation – Hands-on
  • Semen Preparation Hands-on
  • Mock Embryo Transfer hands-on