Master Course In NANO Fat Grafting Face and Hand

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American aesthetic associations and american board of cosmetic gynecology - Master course in Nano Fat grafting face and Hand

Master Course in Fat Grafting training course by American Aesthetic Association with Hands-on one on one program to enhance your skills.

Course Details

Date: 05 April, 2021
Venue: UAE
Standard Fee: $2500/ –

Master training course outline

• History and Evolution of Fat Transfer
• Surgical anatomy of the donor and recipients areas
• Consultation, Patient Selection
• Fat Graft Survival
• Pre-Operative Preparation
• Indications, Contraindications
• Consultation
• Medical Photography and Documentation
• Facility, Staffing, Supplies and Equipment
• Tumescent anesthesia safety and precautions
• Fat harvesting, Centrifugation and fat preparation
• Nano Fat placement techniques
• Postoperative care, Complications and How to avoid them
• Adipose derived stem cell technology the future

  • Live Demo

Live Demo / Live Training

  1. Case 1: Face Fat Grafting Training

    In facial fat grafting, fat is moved to the face from another part of the body. The procedure may also be called fat transfer, micro-lipoinjection, facial fat rejuvenation, autologous fat grafting or transfer, or fat injection. It offers a more youthful appearance and can also correct problems like scars.

  2. Case 2: Hand Fat Grafting

    Fat grafting can be used to produce two effects: fill and rejuvenate the hand. By using autologous fat obtained, it is possible fill the dorsum of the hand. This type of lipofilling enables visible veins and tendons to be covered, resulting in a hand with uniform contours, like a young hand.

Course Director President of American Aesthetic Association
is a world renowned Aesthetic Physician and surgeon. He is the President of the American Aesthetic Association.
Plastic Surgeon, Senior Faculty of AAA
Dr. Refaie is among a select group of surgeons who are double trained in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery as well as Dermatology and Venereology.

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