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Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine

4 Days
12 Students
18 - 21 Jan 2023

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The Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine course covers the foundations of aesthetic medicine and educates on all aspects of the industry including a focus on advanced procedures, treatment, sterilization and competency in maintaining standards. This diploma is specifically designed for those who wish to learn about aesthetic medicine or for those who want to become fully qualified in aesthetic medicine

The Diploma course in Aesthetic Medicine is a full-time program that includes clinical, and research components. You will receive training in all aspects of aesthetic medicine, including fillers, lasers, and energy-based devices. Full hands-on demo certified by AAARM.

Course Details

Date: 18 –  21 January 2023
Course Venue: United Arab Emirates

Aesthetic Medicine course highlights

Interactive Live hands-on demonstration
Live demonstration
1 on 1 hands-on training
Handout course program

Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine Course outline


We offer Botox training in UAE to help you learn how to administer the Botox treatment in a way that will minimize discomfort and maximize its effectiveness.- History of Botox

– Patient Selection
– Indication of Botox
– Contra Indication of Botox
– Complications of Botox
–  Management of Complications
– Injection Techniques for Upper and Lower Face
– Crow’s Feet
– Glabellar Lines

Botox Advance

This advance course will prepare you to make the best decisions for your client, and to effectively and confidently administer Botox.
– Injection Technique (Depth & Angle)
– Bunny line
– Smoke Line Correction
– Gummy Smile
– Face Slimming
– Danger Zone of the Face
– Complications of Filler
– Management of Complications
– Cannula vs Needle
– Injection Technique (Depth & Angle) for Nasolabial Fold

Basic Filler

The Filler is a training course that teaches you the fundamentals of cosmetic injections and how to inject filler safely, efficiently and effectively.
– History of Filler
– Type of Filler
– Selection of Filler – Selection of Patients
– Anatomy and Physiology Associated with Filler
– Danger Zone of the Face
– Complications of Filler
– Management of Complications
– Cannula vs Needle
– Injection Technique (Depth & Angle) for Nasolabial Fold

Advance Filler 

Advance filler training in aesthetic medicine with our certified physicians.
– Injection Technique (Depth & Angle) 
– Chin Augmentation
– Jaw Line
– Tear Through
– Post Filler Care
– Liquid Rhinoplasty


– History of Threads
– Types of Threads
– PDO/PCL Threads
– Mono Threads
– Cog Threads
– 8 Points Face lift / 20 Points Face Lift
– Neck Lift
– Used of Threads in Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty
– Indication of threads
– Contra Indication of Threads
– Management of Complication

Nutrition Therapy / IV Vitamins

– Basic of Nutrients
– Effect of IVNT
– Side Effects
– Common Coctails in the Market
– Consultation and Management

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

– Into to PRP
– Preparation Techniques
– Hair PRP
– Face PRP
– Hand Rejuvenation
– Lip Rejuvenation
– Benefits and usage
– Hands-on Demonstration

Energy-Based Machine

– What is laser
– Principle of laser
– Diode laser, CO2 laser, RF laser, HIFU laser, Hydrafacial

MISC (Fat burning injection)

– Lipolytic Injection technique
– Injection type
– Fat burning injection points


– Introduction of Mesotherapy
– Injection
– Protocol
– How to use Derma Pen
– Type of Needles
– Role of Mesotherapy in Double Chin
– Role of Mesotherapy in Melasma

Semi Permanent Makeup

– SMP for hair
– Lip tinting
– Eyebrow
Lectures: 50 Lectures
Duration: 4 Days
Skill Level: Beginner
Language: English
Past Students: 850+
Certificate: AAARM
Office: Cluster W JLT, Dubai – UAE

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