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Dr. Ayman El Attar Dr. Ayman El Attar

Fellowship in Cosmetic Gynecology

4 Days
15 Students
04 - 07 Aug 2022
Cosmetic Gynecology Training | Aesthetic Gyneacology course in UAE
Lectures: 40+ Lectures
Duration: 4 Days
Skill Level: Beginner
Language: English
Past Students: 1000+
Certificate: AAA

Fellowship in Cosmetic Gynecology

This is a fully packed 4-day Fellowship in Cosmetic Gynecology Surgical and Non-Surgical Training Course Program. The course is in collaboration with the American Aesthetic Association (AAA) and American Board of Cosmetic Gynecology (ABCG).

Course Details

Date: 04 – 07 August 2022
Course Venue: United Arab Emirates
Step 1: $2200/- Non-surgical
Step 2: $3300/- Surgical
Step 1 and Step 2: $5500/-
Step 1 and Step 2: $5250/- Early Bird until 15th July 2022

Special discount for group or doctors registering for multiple course
Fee is subject to 5% VAT per UAE law

What you will learn from Cosmetic Gynecology Training?

History and Statistics
Applied Surgical Anatomy
Pathophysiology and Vaginal Aging
Consultation and Patient Selection
Medical Photography
Labia Majoraplasty
– Liposuction and Lipolysis
– Excisional Reduction
– Augmentation with fat transfer Labia Minoraplasty
– Reduction Labiaplasty
Clitoral Hood Conturing
Vaginal Thread Lifting
Mons Pubis
– Liposuction
– Lifting
Post Operative Care
Complications and their management




    Comprehensive Cosmetic Gynecology Training Course for Physician

    What are the benefits of enrolling Cosmetic Gynecology training course?
    • Perform Cosmetic Gynecology procedures
    • Communicate effectively with your clientele
    • Screen and select the best patients for specific procedures 
    • Set realistic expectations for Cosmetic Gynecology procedures
    • Manage your patients effectively
    • Position cosmetic gynecology services in your practice
      Get new clients and leverage your existing clientele
    • Create an effective and meaningful online presence
      Save money and save time by learning how to assess costly technologies



    Fellowship in Cosmetic Gynecology Training Course