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Dr. Abubakr Elmardi Dr. Abubakr Elmardi

Perineal Repair Workshop

2 Days
15 Doctors
15 – 16 Oct 2022

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Perineal Repair Workshop

This course is supported by RCOG and is essential for all doctors practicing obstetrics and repairing perineal tears but also useful to obstetrics, midwives, Labour Ward Managers and Colorectal Surgeons. It enables a clear understanding of the importance of recognizing obstetrics anal sphincter injuries. Surgical options are combined with a holistic approach, and the consequences of missed diagnosis and demo of poor repair techniques.

Course Details

Date: 15 – 16 October 2022
Venue: UAE
Standard Fee: $1050 / – 
Office Address: #810 Tiffany Tower – Cluster W JLT, Dubai – United Arab Emirates
VAT inclusive


Obstetric anal sphincter disruption is a major cause of anal incontinence. There is a compelling evidence that clinicians are inadequately trained to recognize and repair the anal injuries. Perineal Repair course is essential for all doctors practicing obstetrics and repairing perineal tears but will also be useful to midwives, Labour Ward Manager’s and Colorectal Surgeons.

Course Details

Perineal repair course outlines:

Types of perineal tears and outcome of repairs from the available evidence
Risk management issues
Role of the perineal trauma clinic
Management of the established faecal incontinence
Management of persistent tears and faecal incontinence
Anatomy of perineum, pelvic floor and anal canal
Methods of repairs using perineal trainers

Lectures: 18 Lectures
Duration: 2 Days
Skill Level: Beginner
Standard Fee: $1000
Language: English
Past Students: 600+
Certificate: RCOG
Office: Cluster W JLT, Dubai – UAE