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Master course in PRP Platelet Rich Plasma

2 Days
10 Students
20 - 21 Sept 2022

Master course in PRP Platelet Rich Plasma training

Platelet rich plasma PRP training course are gaining popularity for a variety of conditions. It continues to evolve as an important treatment method with many applications in different medical fields.
Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) – a very promising option, a powerful tool. Register and learn from this Master Class organized by Medafia Conferences.

Course Details

Date: 27 – 28 July 2024
Course Venue: United Arab Emirates
Fee: $1800/-
Early Bird Fee: $1500/-

Training Highlights:

  • Hands-On Experience: Gain practical skills through extensive hands-on training sessions covering PRP extraction, preparation, and injection techniques.
  • Expert-Led Workshops: Learn from leading experts in the field who provide personalized guidance and insights based on real-world experience.
  • Cutting-Edge Curriculum: Stay at the forefront of regenerative medicine with a curriculum designed to encompass the latest advancements and best practices in PRP therapy.
  • Clinical Case Studies: Dive deep into clinical case studies to understand patient selection criteria, treatment planning strategies, and post-treatment care protocols.
  • Interactive Learning Environment: Engage in interactive discussions, group activities, and peer-to-peer learning opportunities to enhance your understanding and skillset.
  • Certification: Upon successful completion of the program, receive a prestigious certification recognizing your expertise in Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy.

PRP Training Details

• Regenerative Medicine & Aesthetics
• Lysate Therapy
• How to extract Growth Factors from Peripheral Blood
• Different Terminologies
• PRP vs PRF vs PRGF
• PRP for Hair
• PRP for face
• PRP for dark circles
• PRP for Scars & Subcision
• Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty & Otoplasty
• Hands & feet Rejuvenation
• PRP & Photo biomodulation
• PRP & Micro needling
• P-Shot (video)
• O-Shot (Video)
• Intratesticular Injections (video)
• Wound Management (Before & After Pics)
• How to use Cannula

Lectures: 20 Lectures
Duration: 2 Days
Skill Level: Beginner
Language: English
Past Students: 1000+